Puree Garlic Or Zest Citrus With This Microplane Fine Garlic Grater

Once you try the Microplane Fine Grater, you’ll never want to cook without it! This garlic grater is the best tool for pureeing garlic, onion and ginger. The stainless steel surface features razor sharp teeth that won’t clog while grating. The ergonomic plastic handle is comfortable and durable, and all the parts are dishwasher-safe. You never have to worry about odd shaped pieces of garlic either, as the curved surface makes grating all chunks of cloves easy. This grater is also capable of grating nuts, cheeses and citrus rinds. The Microplane Fine Grater is one-of-a-kind, as it has a unique structure that allows you to hold the grater in your hand.

Other garlic graters, such as the Harold Imports Grater, have a rectangular shaped design that sits on the counter. While these traditional graters are well-liked by consumers, you can’t beat the razor sharp teeth and ergonomic design of the Microplane product. For this reason, the majority of consumers have put their trust in this product and haven’t looked back.

Keep in mind however, that the teeth are very sharp and can cut your knuckles if you’re not careful. Fortunately, the long plastic handle keeps the hands away from the blade so you can grate away without worrying about cutting yourself.

The Positives
Stainless steel grater great for puréeing garlic, onion, ginger or zest citrus. Cutters are especially sharp, which guarantees easy grating. Large handle allows for a firm grip with a slightly curved grating surface. Easy to use with oddly shaped chunks of ginger or garlic cloves. Two way blades of this tool will zest citrus, grate Parmesan and shred nuts.

The Negatives
One reviewer mentioned that the plastic edges can break upon heavy use. Cutting teeth are very sharp and can cut your knuckles if you’re not careful.

So What’s The Scoop?
Ratings from owners are consistently positive and many people claim that this garlic grater is the best on the market! On the whole, this is an exceptional grater that is perfect for the garlic lover!

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Microplane Fine Grater.

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