This Garden Kneeler Will Let You Kneel, Sit, Or Stand While Gardening

Nothing is more multifunctional than the Step 2 Garden Kneeler. Made from rustproof plastic with sturdy double-wall construction, this garden kneeler is a dream for any gardener. It can be used for kneeling, standing or sitting and has molded support handles for easy carrying. The kneeler snaps together for assembly, with no tricky bolts or screws, and has a ¾ inch foam pad that attaches to the bottom of the seat. For an affordable price, this garden kneeler makes outdoor tasks easy once again, and can also be used around the home. Customers love this product, as it’s extremely versatile and can be used in many ways.

The Positives
Stand on it as a stepstool, or turn it over and kneel on the pad underneath. Customers have considered the Yard Butler Garden Kneeler instead of the Step 2 product, as it costs the same money and is made from steel construction that is built to last. While the Yard Butler has excellent reviews and helps with back strain, many customers preferred the Step 2 folding garden kneeler, as it can be used as a step stool and works in wet conditions, such as showers.

The Negatives
The only complaint about this garden kneeler bench is that the kneeling pad isn’t as comfortable as it could be, and is not secured well. For added comfort, a new kneeling pad can be added in its place..

So What’s The Scoop?
Many online reviewers call this garden seat a lifesaver and a gardener’s dream. It’s easy on the knees and great for people who have difficulty kneeling all day in the garden. Other highlights include its portability and lightweight construction. Overall, the Step2 Garden Kneeler is economically priced and lends a helping hand around the home and garden.

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Step2 Garden Kneeler Stool.

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