Magna Folding Hand Truck Is Made Of Sturdy Rustproof Aluminum

Everyone needs a helping hand now and again, especially those in a line of work that requires heavy lifting. Nobody enjoys the back breaking labor of hauling boxes of supplies and inventory around one by one with their bare hands. Those familiar with a career in retail or traveling trade shows might enjoy the benefits of the Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck. The Magna foldable hand truck features a sturdy yet flexible design perfect for lifting heavy loads with ease. Constructed with rustproof aluminum, the folding hand truck is strong and capable of carrying loads up to 150lbs. The hand truck can be folded to a compact size of 25 inches tall and 2 inches wide.

This allows it to be stored out of the way when not in use. Many other hand trucks and carts are available, but few come with the combination of strength and low price that the Magna Cart model offers. Other metal models can cost twice as much without offer twice the capabilities of the Magna Cart. While the vast majority of online reviewers were pleased with their Magna aluminum hand truck, not everyone found the hand truck to be high quality in design.

The two biggest complaints about the hand cart were the placement of its wheels and flimsy back rods. Negative reviewers found that heavy loads would stress the back support rods and that the wheels were poorly placed, making pivoting difficult.

The Positives
Compact foldable hand truck made of sturdy rustproof aluminum. Ideal for travelers, trade show exhibitors, and moving around boxes. Magna cart hauls up to 150 pounds at once and handle extends to 39 inches tall. Push cart has 5-inch rubber wheels (no air required) roll smoothly on most surfaces. The luggage carts narrow profile makes it ideal for carrying on planes.

The Negatives
Negative reviewers found that heavy loads would stress the back support rods. Some felt this collapsible hand truck wheels were poorly placed, making pivoting difficult.

So What’s The Scoop?
The Magna Hand Truck may not be the best option for individuals or small businesses that do frequent, heavy lifting. However it would fit the bill under moderate use conditions and is priced right for those seeking an inexpensive alternative.

Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck.

Folding Hand Truck.

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