Apex Produces A Portable And Heavy Duty Discount Flat Weight Bench

Those individuals who are interested in building a home gym should make sure that they have all the basics to build a good home gym around. This begins and ends with a reliable flat bench to use. A good flat weight bench is the platform that can support a number of different exercise routines to help build and sculpt a better body. The Apex JD2.2 Flat Bench is one of the most affordable and well constructed options out there. While simple in its design, the Apex Flat Weight Bench is nevertheless a solidly constructed. The bench features a 2 1/4-inch x 1-inch square heavy duty steel tube frame design supporting a usable bench measuring 43in x 12in.

The bench provides a comfortable surface with deluxe upholstery. Finding a useful flat bench for a home gym is as easy as finding cereal at the grocery store, there are a number of different options available. While there are more advanced models, or ones with a flashier design; they all come with a higher price tag. At the same time, cheaper models than the Apex JD2.2 Flat Bench are just that, cheap.

Building a home gym can be expensive, but can pay off in the end in the form of membership costs saved. Not all of the reviews were positive however as many questioned the construction of their bench. The most common complaint was of bad welds leading to weak units, or slanted weight benches that were uncomfortable and unsafe.

The Positives
Apex Flat exercise bench has a heavy duty, square tube frame. Comfortable high density boxed deluxe upholstery. Discount weight bench has a durable powder coated finish. Portable weight bench measures 43 x 12 x 18 inches when assembled. Supported by a sturdy 2 1/4-inch x 1-inch square heavy duty steel tube frame.

The Negatives
Most common complaint was of bad welds leading to weak units. Few owners were shipped slanted benches that were uncomfortable and unsafe.

So What’s The Scoop?
Many online reviewers found that the Apex weight lifting bench delivered a great value for the price. The Apex Flat Bench is the perfect addition for any beginner building up their first home gym.

Apex JD2 2 Flat Bench.

Flat Weight Bench.

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