The Efficient Fiskars Reel Mower Makes Lawn Mowing a Breeze!


If you’re looking for the perfect lawn mower that doesn’t require messy oil, gasoline, cords or batteries, the Fiskars Reel Mower may be the answer! This mower uses patent-pending technology to deliver superior cutting performance on all types of grass, as well as mess-free grass discharge and an ergonomic design. It’s almost like every mower’s greatest dreams were wrapped into one smart machine. And it’s affordable, too! The Fiskars Reel Mower utilizes a unique forward reel position that provides the closest cutting power that also blasts through twigs and branches. It features a height adjustable handle, padded grip and excellent maneuverability.

Not only will you enjoy efficient cutting power and reduced mowing times, but you’ll be comfortable while carrying out the task. When researching this product, I found that it received very high reviews. It seems like the design of the reel mower really paid off, as reviewers agreed with the 40% easier pushing, superior ergonomics and added cutting power of the machine.

This is a great little machine and one that just about anyone could use, making it practical for most homes. Lots of reviewers commented on how efficient the mower is, although it does take some fine tuning to get the blades to the right height. If they’re turned up too high, nothing will happen. Too low – it will be hard to push. When you find the right settings, reviewers assure that you’ll enjoy effortless pushing, a comfortable grip and less frustration. Also, the blades don’t touch the cutting bar, so you don’t have to sharpen them as often. In fact, some reviewers mentioned that the blades stay exceptionally sharp and only need to be sharpened every 5 to 10 years. And, the mower is actually fun to use and suitable for both large and small lots.

A few reviewers commented on how the mower doesn’t do an even job of cutting, but these same people admitted that this is because there are thicker portions of grass in the yard. When the grass is too thick or too high and the setting on the mower isn’t readjusted, it will have a tendency to glide over the stalks and push them down instead of cutting them. In this case, you may have to use a weed whacker to go over the missed spots. With this in mind, the mower may be most efficient in flat, simple terrains instead of ones with many obstacles.

I would definitely recommend this Reel Lawn Mower, especially for the typical backyard. It’s easy enough for both men and women to use and offers many practical features such as a comfy grip and adjustable height bar. Although you may need to adjust some of the settings, once completed, you’ll love how quick and easy the job of mowing becomes!

Large picture of a fiskars momentum push reel lawn mower.
Second large picture of a fiskars reel mower.

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