Felco Pruners Offer The Gold Standard Of Hand Pruners

When you need to get your landscaping done right, Felco Pruners are the right tools for the job. The preferred choice for landscapers, nursery workers and gardeners, these pruners set the standard for all others. They feature an anvil blade that won’t stick, an easily-adjustable bolt and nut system, as well as a rubber cushion with shock absorbent pad blades. The metal head is strong and durable, and the forged aluminum alloy handles are comfortable to use. With extreme durability and ease of use, it’s no surprise that professionals choose these Fleco Hand Pruners to keep rosebushes and woody perennials looking their best.

The Positives
The case with the Felco pruners is that they cost significantly more than other gardening pruners on the market. However, they are of the highest quality and continue to push the limits for what pruners can achieve in the garden in a short amount of time with little fatigue. For those on a budget, the Fiskars Pruners are a great choice and have received fair reviews, especially with their affordable price. They don’t compare to the Felco pruners though, and some customers complained that the pruners weren’t able to cut through thick branches.

The Negatives
The only complaint was the high cost of the pruners, as some customers felt there are similar products on the market that offer the same quality and comfort. Still, other customers disagree and feel that Felco pruners are simply the BEST.

So What’s The Scoop?
When it comes to working in the yard, having tools that make landscaping effortless is worth the money. The Felco Garden Pruners have received positive online ratings, and customers agree they are the gold standard for pruners.

Felco F 2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner.

Felco Pruners.

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