Shockingly Powerful Super Turbo 800 Watt 36V Fast Electric Scooter

Don’t settle for a scooter that’s second best – the Super Turbo Elite is the most powerful electric scooter on the market. It can carry a 300 pound rider, which means this machine isn’t just for the kids. These fast electric scooters carry an 800watt 36v motor, rotating at 2750rpms, giving the scooter ultimate control and power. The Super Turbo Elite features all the gadgets you need to make your ride smooth and comfortable, such as a removable seat, headlight and battery charger. These fast electric scooter have a 36v battery pack that produce up to 21 miles per charge so you can get the riding time you need. Available colors range from green, black and red.

These fast electric scooters feature many upgrades, such as an LED headlight and a front swinger mono shock. The scooters are built on a solid steel frame, with extra wide tires and rear disc brakes. There are many electric scooter manufacturers on the market, including Razor and X-Treme.

Yet no other manufacturer produces the same quality bikes as Super Turbo and ratings fall short on the other brands. In fact, the Super Turbo Elite has perfect reviews, with all customers agreeing on the quality, durability and performance of the bike.

The Positives
The most powerful and durable off road electric scooter on the market. True 800watt 36v motor that spins at 2750rpms producing speeds up to 25mph. Powerful 36v battery pack producing ride distances of up to 21miles per charge. Extreme scooter has economy mode for distance and turbo mode for speed. Street legal scooter Comes with removable seat, headlight and charger.

The Negatives
A few reviewers felt the battery life was not as long as manufacturer claimed. Some reviewers had trouble with the electric motor scooter decals falling off their scooter.

So What’s The Scoop?
The one concern that reviewers have with the electric scooter is that the battery life may not last as long as manufacturers say. And, some had trouble with the decals falling off. Otherwise, this teenage or adult electric powered scooter is fast and powerful, certainly the best one – hands down!

Fast Electric Scooters Review.

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