Farberware Percolators Live Up The Hype And Then Some

Are you a person who likes to start your morning off with the smell of coffee brewing? Does the idea of listening to percolating coffee bring on a feeling of nostalgia? The Faberware Percolators can start your morning off right. Made of stainless steel, they come in 4-, 8- and 12-cup sizes. It has a cool to the touch handle that is prone to coming off with continuous use. The manufacturing quality of the percolators varies. Some purchasers have complained after several months the unit stopped working. The percolator is simple to use. It allows you to control how strong your coffee is by adjusting the brewing time.

Coffee can be made quickly and then kept warm by using the keep warm feature when it is plugged in. Requiring no filter, the percolator allows for easy preparation and economical coffee brewed at home. The percolator is easy to clean though it should not be submerged in water. The size of the unit allows for easy storage.

The Positives
Stylish percolator brews comes in either a 4, 8, 12 cups of coffee version. Stainless steel with a stay-cool handle. Keep-warm function when pot is plugged in. Detachable cord for easy serving. Maintains the coffee at a “keep warm” temperature.

The Negatives
Reports that the bottom of the percolator is prone to cracking open. The plug on the pot only has 2 prongs and is not grounded.

So What’s The Scoop?
Save money by brewing your coffee at home. Brew it just the way you like it with the Faberware Percolator and enjoy the smell and sound of fresh percolated coffee.

Farberware Electric Coffee Percolator.

Stainless Steel Percolator.

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