Epicurean Cutting Board – Eco Friendly Kitchen Wood Cutting Board

A good quality cutting board is a kitchen essential; one that is safe when it comes to the environment is a bonus. The Epicurean Kitchen Series Fifteen-by-Eleven Natural Kitchen Cutting Board combines durable performance for today’s kitchen and is eco-friendly for a greener tomorrow. This Epicurean cutting board model boasts several neat features. First, the board is manufactured in the USA, and is certified by both the National Sanitary Council and the Forest Stewardship Council. Next, the board is said to be easy on knives. Also, the cutting board is dishwasher safe, unlike many wood cutting boards.

Finally, the board is also heat resistant up to 350 degrees, making it ideal to use as a place to set hot pans that have just come out of the oven. Some customers providing reviews online did have issues with pieces of the black coating coming off on their food after some use. Epicurean states this is not dangerous, as the boards are completely sanitary, and suggests sanding the large cutting board for a new, smooth finish.

The Positives
Natural wood fiber based cutting surface which is environmentally friendly to trees. Surfaces are dishwasher safe or are easily cleaned with soap and water. Knife Friendly. Maintenance free, no need to oil or bleach. Wood cutting board temperature resistant to up to 350 degrees. Material develops a richer color over time.

The Negatives
Reviewer mentioned it can show knife marks immediately. Can absorb juices from various foods such as beets.

So What’s The Scoop?
Overall, customer reviews were very positive. Customers seemed to love that the cutting board is dishwasher safe and light weight.

Epicurean Kitchen Series 15 By 11 Inch Kitchen Cutting Board.

Epicurean Cutting Boards.

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