Electric Patio Heater That Keeps You Toasty On Those Chilly Evenings

Keep you and your guests feeling nice and toasty during those chilly evenings entertaining on your porch, deck, or veranda. The folks at Fire Sense came up with a Telescoping Infrared Indoor/Outdoor Heater that claims to provide heat indoors or outdoors at a fraction of the cost of propane units. This 1500-watt electric patio heater starts providing heat within seconds and warms a nine foot area. The heat source on this patio heater features a glass cover and is mounted on an offset pole. It emits no UV rays, boasts a silent operation and can be easily used indoors or outside in the backyard or patio area.

Wheels are included on the unit to easily move it from place to place. It weighs in at 55 pounds, which adds to the overall stability and safety of the unit, and features a sturdy 33 inch base. The heater can also extend fully to 87 inches. There weren’t a whole lot of customer reviews on this product available, but what I did see was positive. It is very much worth noting that this stainless steel patio heater needs a lot of power to operate; consumers found that the heater often trips circut breakers because of its power usage.

The Positives
1500-watt infrared heater source with glass cover on mounted on offset pole. The heater casts warm 9 feet out to warm friends and family indoors and out. The unit’s offset pole brings the heat source closer to the party for better range. Equipped with a sturdy glass front, the unit produces no harmful UV rays. Operation costs about 1/10th that of propane heaters; 5000-hour lamp life.

The Negatives
Some glare from the light reflecting off the stainless steel. A report of this backyard heater tripping the circuit breakers.

So What’s The Scoop?
When outside, this outdoor patio heater’s warmth output is not affected by wind and provides consistent heat. Also, most consumers commented positively that the infrared patio heater does heat in seconds, which is a nice feature.

Electric Patio Heater.

Fire Sense Telescoping Infrared Indoor Outdoor Heater.

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