Cuisinart Panini Maker Grills Sandwiches, Breads And Quesadillas

Making a great sandwich at home can save you time and money. Why not consider the Cuisinart Gr-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press? Designed after professional models, this panini maker features stainless steel housing and a floating hinge. The grill plates are non-stick, fully removable and measure eleven by seven for a decent-sized cooking area. They also feature a drip spout designed to drain fat and grease away from your cooking food. This Cuisinart Panini Maker is made with a floating hinge to accommodate any thickness of sandwich. Convenient indicator lights let you know when the power is on and when the unit is ready for cooking.

The panini sandwich maker preset temperature is designed to ensure sandwiches come out crisp and brown on the outside while hot and melted on the inside. Recipes and a cleaning tool are also included. A three year limited warranty is also available on this model. Reviewers did note sandwiches tend to brown more on top than bottom and that larger sandwich ingredients are sometimes squeezed out of the middle by the panini grill press.

The Positives
Panini press and panini sandwich press maker in brushed stainless-steel housing. Upper and lower 11-by-7-inch nonstick, non-removable grill plates. Floating hinge adjusts to accommodate any size panini sandwich maker. Helpful indicator lights; instructions, recipes, and cleaning tool included. Panini grill press everything from popular panini to great grilled cheese.

The Negatives
Reviewers did note sandwiches tend to brown more on top than bottom. Larger sandwich ingredients can be squeezed out of the middle by the panini grill press.

So What’s The Scoop?
Reviews on online for the Cuisinart Panini Maker overwhelmingly positive. Customer appeared to like the way the model cooked, and also felt the product lived up to its descriptions.

Cuisinart GR 1 Griddler Panini Sandwich Press.

Cuisinart Panini Makers.

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