Never Run Out Of Ice With The NewAir Countertop Ice Maker

This portable countertop ice maker has an innovative European design and sits compactly on any kitchen counter or table. It is perfect for outdoor entertaining and only requires water and an electrical outlet. By pouring in the water, you can make up to 35 pounds of ice a day, in as little as 7 minutes per match. When reviewing this product, I found that it received excellent reviews and was a top seller for those who entertain outdoors. With its small design and easy clean-up, the ice maker is easy to travel with and saves on the hassle of having to run out to buy ice. A fun thing about this ice maker is that you can change the size of the ice cubes.

The Positives
On the whole, reviewers were very satisfied with this ice maker and found it to be an affordable option for those that enjoy camping, outdoor entertaining or don’t have a refrigerator with a working ice maker. Reviewers love the portability of this ice maker, although it’s not as light as you may think. Still, it produces a lot of ice to fill everyone’s needs, and when kept clean, the ice has a refreshing taste.

With the capacity and speed that this ice maker has, many of the reviewers found that the machine produced more ice than what was needed. Fortunately, you can bag the ice and tuck it away in a freezer for later use.

The Negatives
Although the reviews on this product are excellent, there were some minor issues that some of the reviewers faced. Some complained that the ice maker is very loud and a little bulky, so you will want to plan accordingly when placing the machine on a table or countertop.

It’s also important to note that the machine may need to be cleaned with vinegar and water or lime juice and water to flush out any chemical taste that the ice may retain. Since the machine won’t use all of the water you pour in, you’ll also want to remove this excess water so it doesn’t just sit in the maker. By taking these precautions, you won’t have to worry about icky tasting ice!

So What’s The Scoop?
This is a product that I would definitely invest in, but only if I hosted a lot of get-togethers. For those that only use ice in their drinks, filling ice cube trays or using the refrigerator ice maker is sufficient. However, if you enjoy having people over or have a bar in the home, having this ice maker on hand will save trips to the grocery store and also allow you to make fun cocktails and margaritas with no worries about running out of ice!

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