This Compact Microwave Oven Is Small In Size But Not Features

If you are making dinner for a small amount of people or cooking in a small amount of kitchen space, or both, you are probably in the search for compact appliances. However, many times size does matter when it comes to features and power. Not so with this compact microwave oven from Sharp! The Sharp R-230KK 800-Watt 4/5-Cubic-Foot Compact Microwave Oven is just the right size for singles, empty-nesters or those with tiny kitchens. However, what this compact microwave oven lacks in size, it makes up for in features. Comes with fifteen settings to time how long food cooks and at what power level you need in delivering good results.

So you’ll never be victim to an overcooked freezer dinner or an under thawed strip steak. Although, the features are truly what make this compact microwave oven shine, it should be noted that the buttons are on the small side. Not so small that you will need a magnifying glass, but if you find yourself bleary eyed and heating up some coffee in the morning you will need to memorize where the right button is. Other than those early morning trips, before the caffeine hits, most will not find this to be a significant problem.

The Positives
Compact 0.8 cu. ft. Microwave fits almost anywhere. 800 watts of power provides fast reheating and cooking. 10-3/4″ Carousel turntable holds most dinner plates. Heat frequently served foods including beverages, pizza, rolls, and muffins. Perfect results with most types of microwave popcorn.

The Negatives
A reviewer mentioned that the buttons stopped working. One reviewer mentioned light behind display not functional when the unit arrived.

So What’s The Scoop?
Overall, the Sharp Compact Microwave is a good choice for anyone looking for a compact microwave oven that doesn’t take up too much space or skimp on features.

Sharp R 230KW 800 Watt Foot Compact Microwave.

Sharp Compact Microwave Oven.

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