This Chinese Chef Knife Comfortably Handles Most Kitchen Tasks

If you have spent any amount of time in the kitchen, you have surely come to understand just how important it is to have a good knife at your side when you need it. The Shun DM0712 is a great Chinese chef knife that will help you ensure you are able to cut through whatever food you have handy. The slightly curved cutting surface rocks gently and maintains its razor-sharp edge. It’s a little pricey, but most report that it is a sturdy item that holds up well under a lot of abuse. The blade is expensive, so if you don’t cook often you may want to consider a cheaper alternative, like the Shun DM0706 Classic Chef Knife, which costs almost half as much as this one does.

Shun has the ability to create very sleek, but elegant looking blades and this Chef Knife is no different. You’ll get the trademark Shun name and the corresponding Japanese character stamped in the upper left part near the handle.

The Positives
The most frequent comment about this shun knife is the distribution of weight. People seem to love how well balanced the knife is. It comes right out of the box sharp and stays that way, too. Many people are amazed at how little effort is required to cut through raw food while preparing it with a knife like this and report that they will never go back to traditional cleavers or other chefs knives.

The Negatives
The two major themes running through all negative comments seem to contradict each other. Some are afraid to use the shun knife on bones and report that it doesn’t work that well. This knife should not be used on bones, as it is not designed for them. The other negative comment indicates that when used on a wooden cutting board it is easy for the shun knife to damage the board. Some others complain about the price, but there are no comparable blades at such an affordable price.

So What’s The Scoop?
If you’re looking for a knife that is going to melt through anything you throw at it (except bones) then the Shun Chinese chef knife is a good choice for you. The contradicting complaints leave a bit of a question mark – if the blade can damage wood, why should it have trouble cutting through bones? Remember that if you need to hack through bone you are supposed to use a different knife, anyway. If you find yourself preparing meals for your family and friends on a regular basis, then this chef knife may be just what you are looking for.

Chinese Chef Knife.

Shun Classic Chinese Chef Knife Set.

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