This Chainsaw Sharpener Can Be Mounted On Your Workbench Or Wall

Any cutting tool, be it a knife, saw, or pair of scissors, is perfectly sharp when it comes out of the box and performs at 100%. However, after time and use any sharp instrument begins to dull and becomes less effective. For many, the tool simply becomes a throw away to be replaced by a newer, sharper version. Why waste the money though when there are other tools designed to keep your cutting tools sharp. Chainsaw owners can keep their tools sharp with the help of the Northern Industrial Chainsaw Sharpener. This versatile sharpening tool from Northern Industrial is designed to be mounted on your workbench or the wall of your garage.

The chainsaw sharpening system is powered by a 110 volt, 60 Hz motor that provides 3,600 RPMs. The unit’s adjustable height and angle, with a large handle make it easy to operate. Extra features include an attached work lamp, three grinding discs, and a disc guard. There are a variety of saw chain sharpeners available on the market, some are more expensive and some less expensive than this model. The major difference between various models is the power they bring to the table.

The Positives
Chainsaw sharpener includes lamp and disc guards and three grinding discs, plus a 60 Hz motor that operates at 3600 RPM. This solid sharpening unit can be mounted on your workbench or wall, features an adjustable height and angle section and has a large handle for easy operation. Lastly, this well rated electric chainsaw sharpener sharpens chains from 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch pitch.

The Negatives
Not many complaints from owners, but some users felt the chainsaw sharpener was very difficult to put together. Also there were a few reports of the upper housing vibrating excessively.

So What’s The Scoop?
Online reviewers raved about the quality of the Northern Industrial Chainsaw Sharpener. Users struggled to find negative aspects to this model, and even went as far as calling this the best model available. Many users pointed out that this model had the power and features of more expensive models, at a lower price. If you own a chainsaw that gets frequent use and needs sharpening, your money would be well spent on the Northern Industrial Saw Chain Sharpener.

Northern Industrial Bench Wall Mount Saw Sharpener.

Chainsaw Sharpener.

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