This Rugged Camping Lantern Will Light Up Your Campsite

Those of you who spend a lot of time camping know just how difficult it can be to find rugged, solid gear that is designed to last. We took the Coleman Rugged Battery Powered Lantern for a spin and checked in with others who have purchased it to see how this camping lantern holds up to the competition. This camping lantern isn’t the most expensive on the market, but it isn’t the cheapest, either. One of the important things to understand is that you are going to go through a lot of batteries if you use this on the high setting. As this can become problematic, you will be encouraged to buy the rechargeable battery at an additional cost.

The lantern really holds up and is tough to break. Several reviewers report that they dropped the Coleman on hard surfaces without any noticeable signs of damage. If you don’t camp frequently and can’t imagine needing to invest in a rugged light like the Coleman, you may want to consider the Trademark Emergency Lantern set, which includes three lights for half the cost of the Coleman.

The Positives
This outdoor lantern is solid. You can tell as soon as you pick it up that it is put together to last. There is little that you can imagine is going to break the lantern, unless it is intentionally damaged. Once you get used to having a solid piece of equipment like this you are going to have a hard time going back to the economical alternatives. If you weren’t a Coleman fan before owning this lantern, you will be.

The Negatives
Like all Coleman products, this one comes with many accessories available. The fact that they are so useful makes one feel that it’s necessary to purchase them. So the initial cost of this battery lantern is going go up if you get some of the extras, like the rechargeable battery (which Coleman recommends you buy two). Carrying all of those batteries around can get heavy, too.

So What’s The Scoop?
If you’re looking for a battery camping lantern that is going to last, then the Coleman Battery Powered option is great. You are going to have to consider whether or not you want to be all of those extra accessories or not, which can get expensive. And while having a product with all of the features is a great idea, you might not need all of them. So the fact that it doesn’t include all of them (saving you some cash) might also be considered a benefit. No matter what, the light works as it should and is hard to break.

Coleman Rugged Battery Powered Lantern.

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