Weber Brass Grill Brush Is Safe And Effective On Your Cooking Grate

Now that summer’s upon us, no doubt the grill is calling. From steaks and burgers to chicken and vegetables, your grill can handle anything! But grilling always leaves behind a mess to clean up. Often baked on, the grease and food remnants can give you “cleaner’s elbow” just trying to scrub it off! What you need is a great quality brush like Weber’s Eighteen Inch Grill Brush to get the job done. Crafted by the people at Weber’s who know grills inside and out, their brass grill brush is perfect for tackling whatever mess is on your grill. First, a sturdy handle constructed out of hard wood is an ideal grip for your hand.

Next, as the star of the brush, are the high-quality brass bristles. Being made of brass ensures no possible rust build up and the complete ability to take on even the worst baked-on messes. This grill brush even features a notched scraper handy for assisting in removing food residue from the grate.

The Positives
Makes cleanup a snap on the grill and the specially treated brass bristles won’t rust or leave rusty deposits. This 12-inch brush/scraper has hardwood handles and brass bristles. You won’t be left with rusty residue or stubborn leftover grime.

The Negatives
A report that the Weber brush was shedding bristles during use. Some owners of this gas grill brush mentioned they felt the 12 inch brush were too short.

So What’s The Scoop?
When done cleaning, hang up the brass grill brush using its durable leather storage strap. Feel confident to grill anything without worries of a tough cleanup afterwords. Try the Weber Brass Grill Brush today!

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Gas Grill Brush.

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