Wahl Body Massager Offers Heated Massage For Full Body Relief

If you’re one of the millions of people that suffer from muscular aches and pains, don’t think you need to visit a masseuse or chiropractor to ease the discomfort – although that would be nice! Instead, try the much more affordable Wahl body massager that uses heat therapy to ease aches and pains. The body massager comes with two speed settings and two heat settings, deeply penetrating the muscles to soothe and relieve pain. There are multiple settings, including heat only, massage only and both, allowing you to customize the massage to your own pain. There are eight separate attachments as well and a lightweight design to enjoy any time of the day.

The Wahl handheld body massager has tons of features and an affordable price tag, making it a top choice for consumers. Only the Conair Touch and Tone Massager comes close, as it offers a lightweight design, six attachments and two different speeds. However, consumers are much happier with the Wahl product, even though it costs more than the Conair. Instead of having little power as with the Conair, the Wahl massager delivers an excellent back massage, being great for chronic pain and nerve damage.

The Positives
Heat function penetrates deeply to sooth stiff and aching muscles. Includes eight separate attachments providing different types of massage. Multiple settings, heat only, massage only, or both which two setting for each. This body massager is ideal for lower back pain and neck pain. Delivers a powerful massage with a whisper-quiet motor.

The Negatives
Some online reviews felt that the body heated massager never reached a higher heat than lukewarm, while others had trouble getting the attachments to fit. Hand can hit the on/off switch during use and accidentally turn it off.

So What’s The Scoop?
That said, many more online reviewers felt that the massager got to the right temperature, being comfortable to hold and more importantly, not too hot that it would burn the hands. Overall, this Wahl Body Massager is the perfect tool for relieving aches and pains from the comfort of your own home!

Body Massager.

Wahl Heat Therapy Complete Heated Massage.

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