Bodum Pavina Double Wall Thermo Glasses Deliver The Caffeine

Do you desire your expresso’s to taste even better since they stay hotter and for longer periods of time? What about not burning your hands while sipping down your caffeinated rocket fuel for the day? Bodum has mouth-blown, lightweight, yet durable borosilicate espresso glasses that are living up to the hype. The Glasses themselves have a simple yet elegant style that even your jaded, yet friendly coffee or espresso drinking company will greatly appreciated. Plus they’re a great conversation piece and yet just another product that keeps you trendy. The key to why the outside glass never gets heated is because these espresso glasses are double walled.

This means the inside glass contains the heat, while the outside glass allows you to hold the glass. The glasses do have a hole in the outside bottom with a silicon plug to allow the pressure inside the expresso thermo glass to equalize with the outside atmosphere. It’s a nifty feature that enhances the thermo glass safety.

The Positives
Set of 2 Bodum Pavina 2-ounce espresso shot glasses. Mouth-blown of 2 layers of lightweight, durable borosilicate glass. Keeps drinks insulated; won’t form condensation on outside. Winner of the prestigious European iF Design Award. Claims not protect hands from liquid heat or cold.

The Negatives
Reports of the coffee glasses breaking during washing. Note that they have ‘BODUM’ etched-stamped on the bottom of the glass.

So What’s The Scoop?
If upon rising, your brain and body alert you to the need for caffeine, then these cost effective and durable expresso glasses would make you a happy early morning riser indeed.

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