Berkley Fireline Crystal Is A Smooth And Strong Braided Fishing Line

It is really pretty simple; if your line can’t handle reeling in the big ones, then what is the use of going fishing? Anglers need a line that they can depend on, otherwise they’ll be left telling fish stories. Smooth handling and superior strength is what Berkley Fireline Crystal fishing line promises. This single 300 yard spool of braided superline has the strength and minimal flexibility that anglers need to haul in keepers, while maintaining the handling and sensitivity needed to fish with precision. While going over customer reviews of Berkley’s Fireline Crystal, it appears that it is as popular with fishermen as it is with arts and crafts enthusiasts.

Both agree that this Berkley fishing line holds knots better than other similar lines and that it comes at a great value. Those who have fished with this line mentioned that they have had fewer breaks and cuts in their line when they cast with Berkley Fireline Crystal. Some customer did feel that the line could be less opaque.

The Positives
One spool Berkley Fireline with smooth handling superline. Finely braided line, which is the secret of its tremendous strength. String is excellent for bead weaving with size 15 or 11 seed beads. Strong and smooth, won’t rough up the edges of more delicate beads or stones. Doesn’t stretch like monofilament, has a little bit of friction to its surface.

The Negatives
Some reviewer did feel that the Berkley Fireline Fishing Line could be less opaque. Another review mentioned the clarify aspect is over hyped.

So What’s The Scoop?
If your hobbies include stringing beads or baiting hooks, and you want to save a little money without sacrificing quality, then consider picking up a spool of Berkley Fireline Fishing Line.

Berkley Fireline Crystal Review.

Berkley Fireline.

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