This BBQ Grill Cover Offers Great Protection For Cart Style Barbecues

Grilling is as much a part of summer as baseball and vacations, and for many men their grill is almost as important to them as their children. Grills are often left outside on the deck or patio where they are vulnerable to the elements, suffering from rust, mold, mildew, and other damage. Given how expensive some grills can be, why not invest in the Veranda BBQ Cover from Classic. The Veranda BBQ Grill Cover has it all to keep grills protected from wind, rain, snow, and dirt. The outer layer is made of heavy duty fabric that was designed to resist cracking and fracturing in cold weather while the inside features a PVC coating that is water-resistant.

The BBQ Cover is designed to fit grills up to 64 inches wide and stretches all the way to the ground with a splash skirt to keep puddles of water from splashing up underneath the grill. Handles on top allow for easy removal of the cover, while snap straps for the legs and an elastic hem cord keep the cover in place even on windy days.

The Positives
Protective cover for cart-style barbecues up to 58 inches wide. Fabric top won’t crack in cold weather and has water-repellent/resistant PVC. Splash-guard skirt, click-close straps for secure placement and adjustable cord. Padded handles, helpful air vents, durable interlocking seams with zippered pocket. Barbecue cover measures 24 by 58 inches and carries a three-year warranty.

The Negatives
A reviewer felt the quality of this barbecue grill cover sewing workmanship was poor. One owner said that the side that faces the sun has slightly faded appearance.

So What’s The Scoop?
The vast majority of users found the Veranda Grill Cover worthy of high accolades courtesy of its high quality construction and long lasting protection. The BBQ Cover is a must have for anyone with a quality grill they want protect from all the elements.

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