These Bamboo Wind Chimes Are Hand Tuned And Weather Resistant

Enjoy the beautiful sound of these Asli Arts Bamboo Wind Chimes that are made from elegant spun bamboo. Based off a Vietnamese craft, these wind chimes are relaxing and made from renewable resources. They are strung from a durable, nylon cord and prove to be weather resistant no matter what the conditions outside are like. The chimes are handmade and hang about 30 inches, ringing ever so mildly in a gentle breeze. When it comes to bamboo wind chimes, these Asli Arts chimes are one of the few on the market. The hand-tuned bamboo chimes are made in Vietnam and featured in art galleries and design stores.

To make the chimes, pieces are wrapped in thin bamboo and are dried according to the shape of the molds. Each piece is then sanded down to a silk-like finish and coated with weather-resistant varnish. With this, various tones are achieved, giving the chimes their handmade, natural look. To complete the Woodstock Chimes, each one is hand-tuned by a trained artist-musician. In this way, each chime produces its own sound.

The Positives
These contemporary designed wind chimes add flair to the usual classic bamboo chime. The chimes are made of strips of bamboo wrapped around a mold that is quite weather resistant. Each bamboo chime is made with pride by craftsmen from Bali and Vietnam. The end result is that each wind chime piece is individually carved, tuned and painted, so that each chime gives a mellow, musical and enchanting sound. Keep in mind that the larger tubes produce lower tones and smaller tubes emit higher-pitched sounds.

The Negatives
One report from an owner that felt the construction was not high enough quality since he had to reassemble part of it when it arrived.

So What’s The Scoop?
With the work and attention to detail that go into these bamboo wind chimes, it’s no surprise that they have received such good reviews. Product owners love the relaxing sound of the chimes, as well as their impeccable construction. At an affordable price, you can enjoy this Eco-friendly set of bamboo chimes every day of the year!

Bamboo Wind Chimes.

Asli Arts Collection Medium Spun Bamboo Chime.

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