This Baby Food Processor Makes Homemade Baby Food In Seconds

Preparing homemade food for your baby doesn’t have to be a messy, expensive, or difficult experiment. The Dex baby “Make, Store and Serve” Baby Food Processor gives you the opportunity to feed your baby fresh, wholesome food without a lot of hassle. This baby food processor lets you choose what you’d like your baby to have for any given meal, prepare it quickly, serve it right from the bowl and store any leftovers without having to dirty another storage container. The bowl and blade combo are made precisely for pureeing food for babies, plus it’s easy to use with the touch of one button to start. The design of the unit is also meant to prevent spillage.

Customers on online had a mixed bag of reviews for this product. Many of the reviewers stated the Dex processor worked great, but thought it should be noted the processor is good for small amounts of food only.

The Positives
Make, store, and serve meals in the same bowl. Quick and easy preparation of healthy meals for baby. Bowl and blade are designed to quickly and evenly process food. Easy to use – just push down to activate. Safety features prevent splashing and spilling.

The Negatives
Should be noted the Dex Baby Food Processor is good for small amounts of food only. A few reports of the plastic ring becoming dislodged from inside the processor.

So What’s The Scoop?
Most found operating and cleaning up the baby food processor easy. It should be noted that a few customers had negative experiences with a plastic ring becoming dislodged from inside the processor and being chopped and blended into the pureeing food.

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Dex Baby Make Store Serve Food Processor.

5 Responses

  1. Leslie says:

    Thank you so much for posting a video! I am pregnant with our first little one and can’t wait to make my own baby food! I am super excited! thanks again!

  2. Roddy Esther Polanco says:

    I have a Baby food processor, so the mixing bowl is broken, I want to know if I can buy only the mixing bowl whitout the motor unit.

    • Product Scoop says:

      Hi Roddy,

      We’re not the manufacturer of this baby food processor, so unfortunately we’re not able to help you with any questions concerning the hardware. But here’s the link to Dexbaby who makes this product. Perhaps they could help you with that.

  3. Product Scoop says:

    Please share with us any of your questions or comments concerning this Baby Food Processor review! For those interested, here’s the manufacturer link for the Dex Baby “Make, Store & Serve” Food Processor.

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