This Electric Air Duster Blasts Dust And Dirt Off Electronics Easily

Dirt, dust, and debris are the enemy of any clean home; and dealing with these irritants is one of the most tedious tasks an individual faces in a day. However, dirt and dust must be dealt with because they not only make your home look and feel dirty, but they can be dangerous to your health and the health of your electronics around the house. In the past the best solution was to use canned air sprays to blast dust and debris away from expensive electronics, but this brought negative side effects for the environment. Now there is the Metro Vacuum Air Duster. Despite an all steel construction, the duster weighs just 2.75 lbs and packs a powerful punch to get rid of dust.

The units 12 foot power cord means it can tackle any job in any room of the house, blasting dirt and dust off your expensive computer or electronics with a 70 CFM air flow from its 500 watt motor. The unit also includes an air pin-pointer, air concentrator nozzle, air flare nozzle, and micro-cleaning tool kit. Other models available on the market are much more expensive than the DataVac Electric Duster, but they also come with greater power and more accessories than this compact model.

Online reviewers overwhelmingly approved of the Metro Vacuum electric air duster. Several reviewers were so impressed that they bought multiple units to keep at the office, home, etc. A handful of reviewers were not impressed with the quality of the DataVac compressed air duster however. Some noted that their unit could not withstand long use and that the unit overheated quickly and wouldn’t turn on again afterward.

The Positives
Includes air pin-pointer, concentrator nozzle, air flare nozzle and micro-cleaning kit. unbelievably powerful 500-Watt motor that literally blasts dust, dirt and debris off. Power air duster stats include: .75 HP, 120 volt, 4.5 amps and 70 CFM air flow. Electric duster is ideal for all computers, digital camera and audio/video equipment. The Metro Vacuum compressed air duster includes a 12 foot power cord.

The Negatives
A few reports of unit overheated quickly and wouldn’t turn on again afterward. You always have to find a power outlet for this duster to work.

So What’s The Scoop?
Dust and dirt are the enemy of your electronics, robbing them of performance and aging them prematurely. Keep them clean with a Metro Vacuum DataVac Electric Duster.

Metro Vacuum Datavac 500 Watt Electric Duster.

Air Duster.

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