The Distinct KitchenAid 30 Gas Cooktop With Five Burners

The KitchenAid Architect Series II: KFGS306VSS 30 Gas Cooktop features five sealed burners and a stainless steel appearance. This 30 inch gas cooktop is one of only a few this size featuring the five-burner setup. This unit is gas and is ventless. It sports a clear coat for protection of the stainless steel. The grates on this unit are cast iron and have a low profile. Online reviewers report there is plenty of heat from the 15,000 BTUs this unit puts out. The KitchenAid Gas Cooktop owners liked the look of the stainless steel cooktop as well as the fact it features five burners in such a compact unit where on other units four are standard.

While the grates of the unit feature a low profile, the knobs of the unit sit higher than the grates. This may be a problem for some especially when using large cookware. In an effort to keep the unit clean, some owners report the markings being scratched off after a period of time of cleaning. While this does not affect the working of the unit, it is a nuisance. Several buyers reported problems with the unit not working on the simmer level. This is an easy fix and can be remedied by following the instructions in the owner’s manual which involve turning the burner on, removing the knob and turning a screw for adjustment.

The Positives
Low profile grates create a desirable look that integrates with the countertop. Among the leading manufacturers of gas cooktops offering a distinct style. Clear coat protection keeps the stainless steel gas cooktop surface looking clean. Cast-iron grates allow easy movement of cookware around the entire surface. Hot surface indicator provides intuitive feedback.

The Negatives
The control knobs are slightly higher than the grate. There is no “on” light when the gas burner is on.

So What’s The Scoop?
Overall, if one is looking for a gas cook top, then the KitchenAid Gas Cooktop is one to consider.

Kitchenaid Gas Cooktop Review.

30 Inch Gas Cooktop.

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