Lego Ultimate Building Set Allows Your Child To Get Busy Building!

The Lego Brand has been successful for so many years and really has set a standard of creative building play for children all over the world. It something about unlocking the creative process of building whatever you set your mind to, or just following a guide sheet to create that vehicle, building or your favorite action figure. The combination’s with this ultimate building set are endless! Lego has released another building set that will help your toddler graduate from the Lego Duplo Stage into the next step of the Lego journey. The Lego Ultimate Building Set let’s your child continue to explore their imagination and engineering skills.

It includes over 400 pieces with instructions on how to create a house, care, helicopter, cat and dog. In addition, a building plate, wheels, windows and mini figurine are also included. The set contains smaller pieces ideal for kids ages four and older. It comes with a container that is about half full, this allows for other Lego sets to be all stored away safely and offers a easy clean up.

The Positives
This new tub features a great assortment of LEGO bricks and elements. Includes building plate, minifigure, windows, doors and wheels. Includes building instructions for 5 models and photo inspiration for 25 more. New container allows for easy clean up and efficient storage. 405 standard Lego pieces with house, wheel element and mini figurine.

The Negatives
Some have complained that the pieces are small for the price. A few reviewers would have liked a bigger base plate type for all the pieces.

So What’s The Scoop?
The instructions included with the Lego set can be a bit challenging for younger children, but you can be confident that your child will almost never grow out of the Ultimate Lego Building Set.

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Lego Building Set.

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