Everlast Leather Medicine Ball Made Of High Quality Genuine Leather

Ask any fitness expert and they will tell you that the key to a successful fitness regimen is changing it up often to keep your body on its toes. Individuals considering a home gym may overlook small tools that bring big results, opting instead for only benches and weights. If you have a home gym or are thinking of starting one you should consider adding an Everlast 6502 Leather Medicine Ball to your equipment. The roughly 8 lb medicine ball from Everlast is constructed with genuine leather and is designed for the long haul with lock-stitched and nylon reinforced seams. This should lend itself in keeping the leather medicine ball from tearing at the seams.

The medicine ball is a perfect tool for strengthening the core muscles, building coordination, improving balance, and training your upper body. A medicine ball is not only versatile, it’s fun! While $40 may seem like a lot for a medicine ball, buyers should take into consideration the fact that less expensive models are often constructed of inferior materials and may not stand the test of time like the Everlast 6502 Leather Medicine Ball.

Online reviews are still trickling in on the Everlast medicine ball, but the majority of users are pleased with their purchase. A handful have questioned whether or not the Everlast medicine ball is actually made of genuine leather as their model was constructed of “synthetic leather.”

The Positives
Designed to help strengthen upper and lower body and abdominal area. Features lock-stitched and nylon reinforced seams for long-lasting durability. People of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from this simple, yet versatile ball. Ideal for medicine ball training, exercises, drills and workouts. Heavy medicine ball made of high-quality, genuine leather.

The Negatives
Some complaints that the medicine ball is not made of genuine leather. One reviewer felt the heavy medicine ball was rather unbalanced.

So What’s The Scoop?
An ever changing fitness routine is the key to getting your body in shape faster and experiencing better results. With the help of simple medicine balls such as this model from Everlast, anyone can re-sculpt their body easily and quickly!

Everlast 6502 Leather Medicine Ball.

Leather Medicine Ball.

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