This Camping Bed Air Mattress Assures You Get A Good Nights Sleep

Camping has come a long way over the years. The worst part of camping used to be those fold up cots or the sleeping bag on the ground. There’s nothing worse than waking up with those aches and pains from sleeping on the bumpy ground or the rock hard canvas. Well suffer no more! One of the newest and best alternatives to come along is the inflatable camping bed. The camping bed comes in twin, queen and king. So no matter how big or small your tent is you can still sleep in comfort. This bed not only serves on camping trips, but if you have some unexpected guests or even a kids sleep over, this bed will assure your guests a good nights sleep.

Plus it inflates in under two minutes with the electric pump (not included). It folds up to 15.2×13.7×4 and weighs a mere 11 lbs which allows for easy transportation and removal. Standard sheets fit on all sizes of these beds and when ready to deflate, just open the valve, roll up the bed and voila! So throw away those cots, air mattresses, sleeping bags and sleep in style. Who knows? You might just want to replace your old bed at home!

The Positives
Inflatable king-sized mattress that easily accommodates 2 adults or 4 small children. Double-Lock valves allow mattress to inflate 10 times quicker than most airbed’s. Heavy-duty PVC construction; Wrap ‘n’ Roll system for quick and easy storage. Coleman’s Airtight System guarantees leak-free performance. Holds up to 600 pounds and measures 79 x 8.5 x 75 inches.

The Negatives
A reviewer mentioned that it developed a leak within three days. One reviewer mentioned that it lost air each night and had to be re-inflated.

So What’s The Scoop?
Whether you are having relatives over or you are looking for a bed to take on your camping trip, this is a nice spare air mattress bed to have on hand for every occasion.

Coleman King Sized Quickbed.

Inflatable Camping Bed.

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