The Mallory Snow Brush Keeps Your Windshield And Car Snow Free

Since you can’t stop the snow from coming, you’ll want to be prepared for whatever winter has to offer. The Mallory Snow Brush is a must-have for every car, as it comes at an affordable price and works like a champ. Measuring 26” in length, the snow brush features an ice scraper on one end and a durable snow brush on the other. It has a sturdy construction made from plastic, and the ergonomic handle will keep your hands comfortable. With all the snow brushes on the market, you may assume that it doesn’t really matter which one you purchase. However, the Mallory Snow Brush has excellent reviews and a variety of features that make it a top choice.

For example, the ice scraper leaves behind no scratches and the molded handle keeps your hands at ease. And, you can count on the sturdy construction to last for multiple cars! Some customers were disappointed that they didn’t get to choose the color of their snow brush, but the manufacturer warns that the colors may vary.

Most product owners were extremely satisfied with their purchase, while a select few found the snow brush a bit short and difficult to use. However, any snow brush can be rather small for large SUVs and trucks, which could be the case in these instances.

The Positives
Constructed with high quality material for snowbrush durability. Super-flat blade for maximum window contact when scraping. Comfortable molded grip and palm pad for increased leverage. Car snow brush measure a lengthy 26 inches. Durable brush to help remove the snow.

The Negatives
Some felt the ice scraper was not wide enough. A few users said they would want a longer handle.

So What’s The Scoop?
Many of the product owners are from areas where snow is plentiful, assuring others that the Mallory brush will stand up to heavy snow conditions. All in all, the Mallory Car Snow Brush is a great accessory to get you through those cold and wintry days!


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