Basis Sensitive Skin Soap Leaves Skin Clean And Comfortable

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If you have dry, sensitive, or irritated skin, finding ways to care for it and keep it clean without further irritation can be challenging. Consider using the sensitive skin soap by Basis. Dermatologists recommend it frequently to their patients with skin issues as it is a mild yet effective cleanser. Basis has produced a natural skin care product with its sensitive skin soap. Look at the short list of ingredients of the Basis Sensitive Skin Soap and you’ll find no harsh chemicals, dyes or artificial fragrances or perfumes. Instead, you’ll see cleansers of the mild variety, skin friendly aloe vera and chamomile as well as soothing and healing almond oil.

The ingredients are put together in such a way that a pure formula is produced; when used, it soothes, calms and gently cleanses even the most sensitive of skin. Besides the obvious benefit to skin, reviewers also reported other bonus features of the Basis Sensitive Skin Bar.

Those weighing in their opinions on the bar soap said it had no strong fragrance that would irritate those with such sensitivities or allergies, but note the bar has a clean, mild soap smell. Reviewers also said the bar lasted a good amount of time. If there were any negatives about this product, it would be that the bar is becoming harder to find and purchase, at least according to some viewers.

The Positives
The basis soap has soothing chamomile for the purest, mildest clean ever. It no harsh ingredients, no dyes or perfumes for a natural clean. Includes aloe vera and almond oil to leave skin soothed as well as smooth. This soap for sensitive skin leaves skin clean, calm and comfortable. Recommended by dermatologists for over 50 years.

The Negatives
Some had issues with Basis Sensitive Skin Bar Soap leaving heavy residue left on face after cleansing. A few had problems with irritation after a few days use of this soap.

So What’s The Scoop?
This sensitive skin bar soap also rinsed completely with no film or residue on the skin, plus produced very little soap scum to clean up in the shower or tub. Overall, though, reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

Basis Sensitive Skin Bar Soap.

Soap For Sensitive Skin.

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