Official Spalding Street Basketball Features Ultra Durable Rubber Cover

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The game of basketball is played by kids, teens, and adults across the country in gyms, driveways, and city parks. Basketball is an easy game to pick up and put together anywhere you can find a basket and a ball. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to a nice gym with hardwood courts, leaving them to play pickup games on the asphalt of their driveway or nearest park. Any basketball lover will tell you the street game requires a whole different kind of ball and the Spalding Official Size NBA Street Basketball is THE basketball for outdoor fun. Let’s take a look at the details of this Official Spalding Basketball.

The rough and tumble outdoor game requires a ball that can live up to the brand of basketball played in streets across the country. The Spalding Official Size NBA Street Basketball features deep, black channels for excellent handling and pebbling all over the ball to increase grip. Best of the entire ball has a tough rubber cover to withstand the asphalt of the street game. Those players dreaming of a career down the line on the hard court can get the feel for the NBA ball as the Spalding ball is the same size, 29.5 inch circumference, as the pro ball.

The Positives
Ultra-durable, performance rubber cover which features the NBA logo. Designed to withstand the rough-and-tumble street game. Features deep, black channels for expert handling on the court. Spalding’s officially sized and affordably priced NBA Street basketball. Official NBA logo and NBA Commissioner David Stern’s signature

The Negatives
One reviewer felt the ridges in the ball were too deep. One owner mentioned that he felt the basketball deflated too quickly upon use.

So What’s The Scoop?
While some users have found that the deep channel design of the Spalding Official NBA Street Basketball hampers the ball’s flight to the rim, the overwhelming majority of users found it to be the perfect fit for the outdoor game given its tough outer design.

Official Spalding Basketballs.

Spalding 63249 Official Size NBA Street Basketball.

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