The Black And Decker Lawn Edger Can Transform Your Yard

Almost anyone who goes for a walk around their neighborhood in the summer will find that one house in the area with the perfectly manicured lawn. As aggravating as it can be to see, they don’t have to be the only one with a perfectly trimmed lawn. You too can have an immaculately landscaped yard with clean edges courtesy of the Black and Decker Electric Landscape Edger. The Black and Decker edger is powered by an 11 amp, 2-1/4 HP motor that provides 150 in./lbs. of torque. There is no need to worry about having enough gas around the house either because this lawn edger is electrically powered and needs only an extension cord to operate.

This electric grass edger weighs just 12.4 lbs and features three blade depth positions, offering flexibility and easy maneuverability. There is a good deal of competition in the market for edgers, but this Black and Decker edger is well priced in the market, and the only way to choose between different models will be varying features.

The Positives
Reliable electric edger includes a hefty 2-1/4-horsepower motor for both edging and trenching duties. Weighing in only at 12 pounds, this electric lawn edger offers great maneuverability, plus the innovative three-position blade depth adjustment ensures optimum control as you work. Because the Black And Decker yard edger blade requires only a pull of the trigger to start, it’s well tooled for use around driveways, sidewalks, gardens, trees, and borders.

The Negatives
Despite the majority of online reviewers giving the Black and Decker Electric Landscape Edger a 5-star rating, some reviewers gave the edger a poor review. Among the biggest complaints were the fact that the motor died after just a few uses and that it was difficult to use with thicker grass such as St. Augustine grass. Also keep in mind this sidewalk edger does have a bulky motor unit which can cause issues with tight corners.

So What’s The Scoop?
The choice to “go green” with lawn care tools is an admirable one. This particular Black and Decker electric yard edger strikes a nice balance of being quite affordable, performing quietly while running and delivering gusty performance. But keep in mind it may not be the best option for those for with bigger yards or thicker types of grass plantings.

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Black Decker Edge Hog Electric Landscape Edger.

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