The Weber Kettle Cover Will Keep Your Grill Protected Year Round

You’ve seen them – those grills left out to face the elements without a cover. Exposed to wind, rain, snow, and freezing cold temperatures, grills not protected can be a ruined investment. The Weber Premium Kettle Cover can protect your grill from anything nature can and will throw its way. As you probably know, when one thinks of Weber, one automatically thinks of grills, and if they know grills, they undoubtedly are well-informed on how to protect them. This Weber Kettle Cover is designed to fit all Weber twenty-two and a half inch kettle grills. Constructed from heavy-duty vinyl, this kettle cover also covers to protect the grill and its legs.

The vinyl is resistant to cracking even as cold winter winds and temperatures surround it. Already in use by many Weber customers, this kettle cover is sure to satisfy and keep your grill in shape for many years to come.

The Positives
Grill cover made of heavy-duty vinyl with Weber logo and resists cracking even in the coldest temperatures. Hangs almost all the way to the ground to protect the legs. Fits all Weber 22-1/2-inch kettle grills and the premium barbecue cover hangs almost all the way to the ground.

The Negatives
A few owners mentioned the grill cover can blow off during windy days. One reviewer said the vinyl grill cover was poorly sewn and seams had ripped.

So What’s The Scoop?
Doesn’t it make sense to pay a little now in order to safeguard your grill for years to come? Why not trust the folks that know grills to make sure yours is protected with this Weber Kettle Grill Dover.

Weber Kettle Cover.

Kettle Grill Cover.

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  1. Ranjit says:

    I am an avid BBQer and have always dreaded the cleaning process. When I got a grill cover it cut that aspect of it in half and kept my grill save from harsh weather conditions and any animals that may tinker with it throughout the night. A good BBQ cover is a great investment and I suggest that anybody who is serious about BBQing to go out and get one ASAP.

  2. Product Scoop says:

    Please share with us any of your questions or comments concerning this Kettle Cover review! Here’s the manufacturer link for the Weber 7453 Premium Kettle Cover.

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