Handheld Callaway Upro Golf GPS Allows Mastery Of Golf Courses

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In our increasingly technological society it seems like there is now a tool for everything the mind can think up. Smartphones can give us turn by turn directions while walking down a sidewalk, help us find the nearest restaurant, and even allow us to pay our bills while riding a city bus. It only seems logical then that we apply this technology to our leisure activities too. That’s where the uPro Golf GPS by Callaway Golf comes into play. The handheld Callaway Upro Golf GPS features a sleek design that fits easily in your golf bag or your pocket. The high-resolution color screen provides aerial and satellite photographed views of your favorite golf courses.

This helps inform you of hole design, pin location, and location of hazards. The handheld golf GPS unit from uPro will even provide golfers with a distance to pin reading to aid in club selection. There are a variety of alternatives to the uPro Golf GPS available on the market and determining if this model is the best should be left to the individual golfer. Alternative models run from $68 to as much as $300, with varying features in comparison to this model.

Many online reviewers were happy with their purchase of the uPro Golf GPS by Callaway Golf, but a large portion of those who reviewed the item found too many faults to give it a good rating. The most common complaints were a lack of courses available in uPro’s database, poor battery life, and units that froze the first time they were used.

The Positives
Golf GPS system with sleek and unobtrusive design that fits in a pocket. Provides golfer with aerial and satellite photographs of your favorite golf courses. Built-in GPS technology clearly locates the golf course hazards and flagsticks. Connects to www.uprogps.com for golf course downloads. Includes battery, wall adapter, USB cable, and free course download.

The Negatives
Complaints that there are a lack of courses available in uPro’s database. Few comments of poor battery life and units that froze the first time they were used.

So What’s The Scoop?
Casual golfers who are also fond of exciting technological tools may find the golf GPS system from uPro to be an exciting addition to their golf bag. However, serious golfers may want to spend a little extra on a more established brand with better features.

Callaway Upro Golf GPS.

Upro Golf GPS Callaway Golf.

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