This BBQ Thermometer Ensures Meals Get Cooked To Perfection

The Oregon Scientific Talking Thermometer is the perfect tool for getting meals to cook to perfection. It’s super easy to use, as all you have to do is stick the probe into the meat and run the wire out of the oven or grill. The LCD screen will then display the temperature of your food until it’s just right. The device has plenty of features, including settings for cooking certain types of meat and doneness options that include rare, medium rare, medium and well-done. This BBQ thermometer is a great buy, as it beats out others on the market. The Grill Alert Thermometer for example, is another talking device that has settings for a variety of meat and features an LCD screen.

Despite all the features for the cost, the BBQ thermometer does have mixed reviews. Many product owners couldn’t get enough of the thermometer, as it was spot-on and could be used with a grill or oven. While the majority of owners couldn’t live without the digital BBQ thermometer, there was still a large number that were unhappy with the purchase.

Some users faced difficulties getting the product to work properly, thus ending up with undercooked meat. After reading the reviews, it was clear that many of these people blamed a poor manual and were able to get the help they needed after contacting the company.

The Positives
Barbecue wireless thermometer with digital LCD screen for perfectly cooked meat. Temperature display from 32 to 572 degrees F. Transmission range up to 330 feet away. Program your choice of eight entrées and choose the doneness desired. The barbecue thermometer measures 5-3/5 by 2-3/4 by 1-1/2 inches.

The Negatives
Many reports the manual for this product needs to explain the product better. Reviews that the sensor stopped communicating with the handheld component.

So What’s The Scoop?
In my research customers prefer the Oregon Scientific Brand, as you get more cooking options and a stainless steel probe while costing nearly half the price. Overall, this barbecue thermometer is a great device for getting quality cooked meals without having to stand over the grill or stove.

Barbeque Thermometer Review.

Oregon Scientific Wireless Meat Thermometer.

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