A Well Designed And Sturdy Steel Backyard Fire Pit From Landmann

The Landmann Backyard Fire Pit is a wonderful way to light a warm fire and enjoy the outdoors. With a smart design, the fire pit comes in a round shape for 360 degree viewing. It is made from a sturdy steel construction with a clay-hued finish, keeping consistent with its authentic image. What makes this backyard fire pit unique is that it features star and moon cutouts that reveal the flames and creates a warm and inviting ambiance. No evening will ever be complete again without this beautiful fire pit! The Landmann Fire Pit comes with all you need as well, including an enamel cooking grate, spark guard cover and poker.

The cooking grate makes it possible to warm foods and the durable construction offers years of use, with little wear and tear from heat and weather conditions. A similar product is the Patina Fire Pit, which has the same clay-like finish and cutouts of stars and moons. Yet for almost $100 less, you can enjoy the Landmann pit that includes extra amenities and the same beautiful construction.

Most online reviews are 5-stars, with product owners raving about the beauty and functionality of the fire pit. The only negative complaints were regarding the clay-based finish, which could chip early on. In order to prevent this, product owners urge customers to buy the corresponding fire pit cover.

The Positives
Round fire pit on tripod stand; 360-degree viewing of the fire. Clay-hued finish; star and moon cutouts reveal flames. Sturdy steel construction; this patio fire pit is designed for easy assembly. Includes enamel cooking grate, spark guard cover and poker. A spark guard cover and poker are included to keep sparks off clothes.

The Negatives
A couple reports of rust issues when not covering the Landmann Fire Pit. One report of the fire pit sides peeling during use.

So What’s The Scoop?
This simple purchase transformed ordinary backyards into campgrounds, with the ability to sit around the fire and chat, roast marshmallows and cook up treats. Overall, this outdoor fire pit is an attractive, affordable addition to any backyard!

Backyard Fire Pits Review.

Landmann Fire Pit Picture.

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