West Bend Bread Maker Produces Bakery Style Artisan Bread At Home

Bake delicious breads right from your countertop with the West Bend Bread Maker! With a sleek design and compact structure, this bread maker can whip up artisan bread for all your meals. Try delicious raisin bread for breakfast or buttery garlic bread sticks for dinner. The electronic dual-blade makes it possible to create all types of bread and there are 4 loaf sizes ranging from 1, 1 ½, 2 and 2 ½ pounds. The West Bend bread maker also comes with 11 pre-programmed settings and 3 crust shades that can be operated from the digital control panel. If you’re on-the-go a lot, don’t think you can’t bake delicious breads.

The 12-hour delay timer allows you to set the timer up to 12 hours in advance. To use the West Bend bread maker, simply pour in your ingredients, set the display and go! Watch what you bake through the large viewing window and enjoy easy cleaning afterward with the nonstick bread pan. The various settings allow you to choose the type of bread you want, including wheat or French, and the maker also includes a measuring cup, measuring spoon and a recipe book.

The Positives
Is an electronic dual-blade bread machine for making bakery-style artisan bread at home. Makes it possible to wake up to the smell of freshly baked, homemade bread with 11 pre-programmed settings, 3 crust shades and digital control panel. Horizontally loaf sizes in 1 pound, 1-1/2 pounds, 2 pounds and 2-1/2 pounds and comes with a measuring cup and spoon, knead-blade removal tool and instructions with recipes.

The Negatives
Even with all the variety over baking bread, some reviewers found that the maker didn’t bake the bread as it should. In order to reduce the chance you’ll bake “flat loaves”, users recommend not using the recipes in the instruction manual and keeping the blades extra clean by soaking them in warm water. With 800 watts of power the top and sides can get quite hot and manual does not tell you to burn in the machine before making bread.

So What’s The Scoop?
Reports online have great things to say about the West Bend electric bread maker, as it’s affordable, contemporary looking and bakes delicious bread! In fact, some reviewers compare it to the high-end bread makers from Zojirushi!

West Bend Electronic Dual Blade Breadmaker.

West Bend Bread Maker.

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