Weber Has Created A Durable And Compact Rolling Cart

One of the greatest traditions in sports was developed by the fans. Tailgating is as important to some fans as the game itself, offering an opportunity to get together with like-minded peers and enjoy fine food, good drinks, and the spirit of competition. As such, a grill is the most important piece of any tailgating party. It can be difficult to get your favorite grill to the big game though, so Weber developed the Weber Rolling Cart to help fans not only transport their grill but offer a stable platform for it in the parking lot. The Weber Rolling Cart can act as a caddy and shelf for all Weber Q 100 and Q 200 series grills as well as Char Q grills.

The folding design allows the cart to be conveniently stored away in the garage, shed, or trunk and quickly unfolded again to transport your Weber grill across the yard or parking lot. The Weber Rolling Cart allows users to securely lock their grill in place for safe transport and features locking wheels to hold the grill in place during cooking.

The Positives
Fits Weber Q 100 and Weber Q 200 series, and Weber Char Q grills. Makes it easy to transport your Weber Q grill. Locks securely to serve as a stationary stand. The Weber cart folds easily for storing in small car trunks and compact areas. Grill stand great for tailgating, picnics, camping, and RVs

The Negatives
One reviewer said the barbecue rolling cart fits the Weber grills well, but lacks complete stability. An owner mentioned that folding and unfolding the cart was overly complicated.

So What’s The Scoop?
Customers who have purchased the Weber Rolling Cart love its durability and strength; and best of all the fact that it transforms their mini grill into a full size grill that doesn’t need to sit on a table or the floor.

Weber Grill Cart.

Weber Cart.

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