The Weber Genesis Grill Cover Is A Heavy Duty Protective Grill Cover

The Weber Genesis Grill Cover is a must have for anyone looking to protect their grill. Designed for the Weber Genesis E and S series of gas grills this rugged cover offers the perfect fit and protection for your grill. Measuring 30 inches by 60 inches and made of durable vinyl this cover is designed to slip on easily. The long sides and a perfectly fitted center means the cover will be kept securely in place. This will significantly reduce exposure to the outside elements and reduce fading of your grill. A proper fit also help keep insects out. By choosing the Weber Genesis Grill Cover you are getting a sturdy cover specially made for your grill.

The “one size fits all” grill covers available in mass retailers do not offer the fit, protection or quality of this cover. What good is a grill cover if after every storm that comes through you need to search the neighborhood to find out where your grill cover ended up?

The Positives
Heavy-duty protective grill cover made of durable vinyl. Designed to fit Weber Genesis E and S series gas grills. Slips on easily has fitted center and long sides keep it securely in place. Reduces exposure to outdoor elements and has a sleek look with Weber logo. Weber logo is emblazoned in white near the top.

The Negatives
The vent holes sometimes allow water to carry through the grill cover. The seams on the cover can start to fall apart with multiple season use.

So What’s The Scoop?
Weber has hit a homerun with the Weber Genesis Grill Cover. I highly recommend you avoid buying a generic cover at your local store and instead pick up this quality cover that will last for years.

Weber 7553 Premium Cover Weber Genesis Gas Grills.

Weber Charcoal Grill Cover.

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