Handle Any Outdoor Adventure with the Dorcy Waterproof Flashlight


This amazing flashlight does more than just shine light in the dark distance. It floats, is waterproof and has a comfortable rubber grip. Although this flashlight will prove best for outdoorsy people, the inexpensive cost makes it practical for any use. The waterproof flashlight contains 4 super bright LEDs that provide 32 lumens of light. With 3 AA batteries, the light has 20 hours of run time. To keep consistent with its rugged design, the flashlight has a durable plastic construction with rubber grips and includes a carabineer tail cap clip for keeping the flashlight on hand. The majority of reviewers were very pleased with this product, especially for its affordable cost.

The Positives
It is reassuring to have a flashlight that can be taken along on outdoor adventures without breaking or becoming waterlogged. Reviewers love that the light is super durable and stable and will float if it drops in the water. The bright yellow color makes it easy to spot, and the rubber grippers offer more control, especially while swimming or diving. With its waterproof qualities, many reviewers put the flashlight to the test. Most found that the flashlight lived up to its standards and continued to function, even after being dropped in the water. The light is designed to float, but if it happens to be submerged, the inside will fill with water and can affect the flashlight’s performance.

The Negatives
When researching this flashlight, there were very few negative reviews about the product. A few reviewers commented on the bulkiness of the flashlight, which makes it a bit harder to lug around on outdoor adventures. There were also a few mentions regarding the wide center area of illumination. However, this is a personal preference and not a design flaw of the product. For those that like wide center areas, this flashlight will be perfect.

So What’s The Scoop?
This Dorcy Waterproof Flashlight is a great tool to have on hand, and I would definitely recommend it, especially for its low cost. Surprisingly, this is one of the only flashlights on the market that is waterproof and floatable, with the added features of being bright yellow, durable and rugged. I would avoid submerging the flashlight in water however, so not all water activities are favorable to this light. Instead, I would bring it along on outdoor adventures where water may be an issue, that way if the flashlight falls in, it will be safe.

Dorcy Floating Waterproof Flashlight.

Waterproof Flashlight.

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