A Comfortable Waterproof Daypack For Rainy Hikes Or Canoe Trips

The waterproof daypack from Overboard is 25 liters of awesomeness due to the fact that it really is waterproof. Many reviewers noted when I was researching for this review that you couldn’t get a mid-sized dry pack for the price of this daypack, so it’s definitely a good value. One of the interesting things about this waterproof daypack is the roll-down top design. It’s more like your typical military bag than your typical daypack, but that may actually be a good thing. Zippers could leak and corrode if you had them out in the water or rain all the time, so the roll-down design seems to be an advantage for this pack.

One of the best things about this waterproof daypack is that it actually does seem to be waterproof – for the most part. The reviews for this hiking daypack were mixed, but most of them were positive.

The Positives
Most reviewers said they’d tried it in heavy rains at the very least, and one guy even dropped it off of a waterfall cliff. The items inside were still dry after these ordeals, though the packable daypack isn’t made to be submerged for long periods of time or under feet of water pressure. Lots of people also commented on how comfortable this backpack is. It has extra padding in the shoulder straps and at the back to keep you feeling comfortable, and it also has a hip strap and sternum strap to ease the weight of the pack on your back. Since the backpack can hold so much weight, that’s definitely a plus!

The Negatives
Even positive reviewers noted that the Overboard backpack is a little hard to organize, since there aren’t any interior pockets except one small one for papers and such. Some reviewers also note that it’s a good idea to keep a flashlight handy because the inside of this black backpack is so dark it’s hard to find anything. Guess you better keep the flashlight on top, though.

So What’s The Scoop?
If you’re looking for the absolute highest quality, this Overboard waterproof backpack might disappoint, according to a few reviews. It seems a few reviewers had trouble with straps breaking loose or with the backpack not being quite as waterproof as it claimed. On the other hand, though, a bunch of reviewers noted that they’d tested the backpack in heavy rains, in mud puddles, or totally underwater without any problems with even dampness on the inside of the bag. However, I think it’s pretty great value for your money, considering other top-rated waterproof day packs, like the SealLine Boundary Pack, cost twice as much or more!

Overboard 25 Liters Premium Waterproof Backpack Gear Bag.

Waterproof Daypack.

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