The ProRower Water Rowing Machine Mimics Feel Of Actual Rowing

Are you searching for a new and different way of working out that is easy on the joints? Bored with walking on a treadmill or peddling on an exercise bike? If so, a water rowing machine may be what you are looking for. The ProRower H20 RX 750 Home Series Rowing Machine is a high quality, solidly built water rowing machine. It has an innovative Hydro-Power drive system. The polycarbonate water tank has an internal paddle system that mimics the feel of actual rowing. The only drawback is the sole way to vary the resistance is to alter the amount of water in the tank. The rowing machine can be described as easy to set up, store and move.

It provides a gentle workout for the joints. It has a big though poorly placed monitor that tracks time, distance, calories burned, and more. It folds up for storage.

The Positives
High-quality rowing machine with innovative Hydro-Power Drive system. Polycarbonate water tank and internal paddle system mimics feel of actual rowing. Easy-to-read, oversized display panel tracks time, distance, calories, and more. Comfortable, ergonomically designed handgrip; easy-to-adjust, pivoting footrests.

The Negatives
One reviewer thought the tracking monitor was poorly placed. Mention of this home rowing machine assembly being hard in regards to connecting the rear and front pieces.

So What’s The Scoop?
The ProRower Rowing Machine rowing machine boasts a comfortable seat and pivoting footrests. This quiet machine can provide an excellent workout the wear and tear on the joints. It is a good rower in this price range.

Prorower H2O RX750 Home Series Rowing Machine.

Water Rowing Machines.

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