Victoria Secret’s Perfect Coverage Bra: Can You Really be Sexy and Comfy?

Victoria Secret’s Perfect Coverage Bra is a lightly lined, full coverage brassiere that comes in sizes 32A through 40DDD. There are plenty of colors to choose from- 33 to be exact. The bra is lined with memory foam for form fitting comfort and has a U-shaped back to help prevent rolling up. When the sizes increase to the range of DD+ there is another row of hooks added to help keep the ladies secure. The materials used are a nylon and spandex mix, so you may machine wash this product but I suggest laying it out to dry to keep the integrity of the size.

The Positives
This bra is super comfortable, super sexy, and super pretty! I love having memory foam in bras because it just feels like a pillow on your chest. Plus it gives an even better shape. There is a bit of lace detail in many of the patterns, which gives you sexy but can also give you pretty if it’s in the Champagne Pink Dot Print or So Silver Grey. The fact that this bra goes up to DDD is also an amazing surprise. You might not think it, but it is really hard to find DDD in certain sizes- 32DDD and 34DDD tend to be rarities. Even better than just carrying these sizes, they actually cater to them too! Adding that additional row of hooks means a lot when you have so much to support.

The Negatives
I’ve scowered the internet for you guys looking for the negatives other real customers noticed and I’ve only found personal issues (some ladies need to go get themselves resized), so all in all the perfect coverage bra is perfect! Of course, perfect comes for a price of $46.50-$56.50.

So What’s The Scoop?
Victoria Secret’s Perfect Coverage Bra comes in sizes 32A-40DDD and is made of a nylon and spandex mix. There is a selection of 33 colors, each vary in price but range from $46.50-%56.50. This bra in full coverage and lightly lined with memory foam. This product is a must, especially for girls who rank in the DD+ range due to the extra set of closures and the great support. You’ll feel comfy, but also sexy.



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