Vera Bradley Hybrid Hardshell Phone Case (iPhone 6): Protect Your Phone in Style!

Vera Bradley Hybrid Hardshell Phone Case (iPhone 6) comes in five different patterns, the pattern I purchased is the Blush Mouse and Cat- which will be the one featured in the photos below. The other patterns are Camocat, Concerto, Rosewood, and Rosewood Grain. The case is made of a rubber internal portion and polycarbonate outside portion and will fit the iphone 6 and 6s. For the Blush Cat and Mouse phone case there is a pink rubber portion with the polycarbonate portion being light pink with a cat head and mouse pattern.

The Positives
I purchased this case because I liked the design, but it turned out to be a rather sturdy case. I’ve dropped this phone a plethora of times and somehow this case has won every time. The rubber on the inside has also kept the hard outer shell from cracking from all the abuse. I would definitely consider this combination of material to be extremely beneficial in keeping the phone safe.

The Negatives
What I dislike about this case is something I don’t believe is really the manufacturers’ issue. Although I quite like the material this case is made of, the rubber holds onto discolorations- dirt, paint, sharpie, etc. – which makes the edges start to look rather grody over time. I also noticed that the polycarbonate shell is quite easy to scratch, it hasn’t broke at all, but it has a multitude of scratches embedded in it.

So What’s The Scoop?
Vera Bradley Hybrid Hardshell Phone Case (iPhone 6) is a phone case made out of rubber and polycarbonate which turns out to be a great combination to prevent breaking and cushion the device. The only negative I noticed for this product is that the rubber soaks up color and makes the appearance degrade over time, otherwise this case is cute but sturdy and a smart purchase!



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