This UV Nail Dryer Comfortably Accommodates Two Hands Or Feet

If you’re tired of paying the high price for UV nail polish, save yourself money and deliver professional results right to your home with the Thermal Spa UV Nail Dryer. This device is large enough to fit two hands or two feet at one time and has 45-watts of power. Although big, the nail dryer is still small enough that it can be tucked away in a cabinet, and it includes the initial bulbs to get started with. There are three settings, including 2-minute, 3-minute and constant, as well as an auto-off function. The appeal to this UV nail dryer is that reduces nail drying time and allows you to use UV polish that won’t chip as acrylics will.

Some online reviewers were skeptical at first glance, as the market urges consumers to use an official CND light with CND-brand nail polishes. However, product owners rave about this nail dryer, saying that it’s far cheaper than a CND light and delivers the same superior results. It’s also a great light because it’s larger than others on the market, allowing two hands or feet to fit instead of one, cutting manicure and pedicure times in half! There are no negative reviews on this product; instead, the Thermal Spa UV Nail Dryer has been well-received by product owners.

The Positives
Offers maximum UV reflection design and comfortably accommodates two hands or feet. This UV light nail dryer has 3 settings and an auto shutoff function. Nail dryer machine is powerful at an output of 45 watts. Please note this is not an air dryer and contains no fans.

The Negatives
Some users would have liked a one minute timer setting also. This nail polish dryer is very big and requires a good deal of counter space.

So What’s The Scoop?
The only negative issues are surrounding the fact that some professionals recommend not doing your nails on your own for safety and health reasons. Fortunately, reviewers have had no problems using the Thermal Spa electric nail dryer and are able to save money and take care of their manis and pedis right from the convenience of their own home!

UV Nail Dryer.

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