The Ultra Stomp Rocket Is An Awesome Air Powered Rocket

Kids getting bored with the park or backyard? Liven up their summer with the addition of the Ultra Stomp Rocket. Chances are, kids of all ages will love sending their own rockets soaring high in the air, and parents will love the simplicity and durability of the product. The Ultra Stomp Rocket’s concept is simple: a foam tipped rocket fits onto the launching apparatus, then a child jumps on – or stomps – on the launch pad to send the rocket up to 200 feet in the air. Completely safe and ultra simple, this toy is sure to be the hit of your kid’s summer. The model comes with four rockets included; replacement rockets are available separately.

Others were pleased and impressed by this toy, too. It boasts being a multiple award winner, including a Preferred Choice Award and the iParenting Media Award for best product. Customer reviews on Online were overall positive.

The Positives
This product has won the Multiple Award Winner and Preferred Choice Award. The orignal creator of the Stomp Rockets. Comes with 4 rockets and refill rockets available. Refill rockets available if you lose your foam rockets. Rockets that are easy to load onto the launch pad.

The Negatives
Some reports that the stand snapped apart during short use. A few users noticed that the Stomp Rocket Toy rocket fins broken off very easily.

So What’s The Scoop?
Parents noted the ease of use of the Ultra Stomp Rocket, even for children younger than the recommended age of eight years or older. Some customers did note, however, that the foam rockets tend to beak easily, so keep that in mind when looking at this Stomp Rocket.

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