Ty Beanie Baby Max And Ruby Set Is The Authentic TY Handmade Product

If your child has a great imagination and enjoys fluffy and cute looking stuffed animals, then The Max and Ruby Beanie Combo may be a great gift. They closely resemble the product photo and from reports are quite durable and the fur is quite soft. The details of the clothes is something to behold, with even little Max having a stitched pocket in his little overalls! in One of the great features is how closely they look to the popular cartoon characters and it’s quite easy for the child to recreate play scenes from the TV show. This combo includes both characters and are handmade with the finest quality standards.

One reviewer indicated her daughter loves to carry them around, holds conversations with them, and even acts out some of the episodes she’s seen on Noggin. Another reviewer commented that even though they had been though the dryer and washer a fair amount of times, they still hold up well and retain their original appearance. There aren’t a lot of stuffed toys with these memorable and cute characters, so it’s a good deal to find them.

The Positives
Official product from Ty’s wildly popular Beanie Babies Collection. Look for the familiar heart-shaped tag, you have purchased an authentic Ty product. Handmade with the finest quality standards in the industry. Max loves trucks, mud, candy, and his big sister, Ruby! Ruby loves shopping, tea parties, and helping her little brother, Max!

The Negatives
The Ruby doll was the same exact size as Max which was a little out of context. Whiskers on the face they are quite stiff and might not safe for younger children.

So What’s The Scoop?
If your child enjoys the popular Ty Beanie Baby Max & Ruby Set series on Noggin then this should be a fantastic addition to their childhood!

Max Ruby Set.

TY Beanie Baby.

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