Sturdy And Effective Slow Release Watering Bags Built By Treegator

Everyone who owns a home knows the value of a well landscaped yard. It can add value to a home and provide friends and loved ones a comfortable place to relax away from the rays of the sun. Perhaps the toughest task in landscaping is ensuring the survival of newly planted trees and shrubs which are vulnerable to drought and transplant shock. The TreeGator Jr has come along though to make it easy for any homeowner to ensure their young saplings and freshly planted shrubs survive the harsh summer sun. The TreeGator Irrigation Bag was developed to deliver water directly to the root system.

It conveniently waters trees and shrubs in a slow and efficient manner. Watering can be ineffective as water is lost due to runoff and evaporation. The 14 gallon TreeGator Jr. Pro on the other hand need only be placed at the base of a newly planted tree or shrub, filled with water, and left to do the hard work.

It will slowly release water over the course of 5-8 hours to saturate deep into the root system to help plants avoid drought shock and ease the transition of newly planted trees. While some have experienced issues using the TreeGator Jr bag on different landscape profiles, the problems are minimal for those using the TreeGator slow release watering system on level ground as it was designed for.

The Positives
Ideal for use on newly planted trees, evergreens & shrubs. Brown color and low profile blends with existing landscape. Tree watering bags dual emitters deliver water within 5 to 8 hours. Deep water saturation reduces transplant shock and drought stress. 3-year limited manufacturer warranty against any defects in materials.

The Negatives
Treegator works best on a flat to slightly concave surface. Number of owners mentioned the bag having holes in it upon delivery.

So What’s The Scoop?
Customers who have purchased the TreeGator water bag have not been disappointed with its performance and ease of use.

Treegator Jr.

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