Toaster Egg Poacher Makes An Egg Breakfast Sandwich In 4 Minutes

Morning breakfast rituals are an important thing. You’ve got to start the day off right and hopefully the rest of the day follows in suit. If you’re the type of person that enjoys your egg and english muffin sandwiches (bagel or croissant too) than there’s a really fun and effective egg and muffin toaster for you by Back to Basics. So get this, with this toaster egg poacher you can toast up to four slices of bread (english muffins, bagels or croissants also toast fine) while it simultaneously steam poaches eggs and even warms pre cooked meat. So yes, you can recreate McDonald egg mcmuffins with nearly any type of pre cooked meat, from turkey bacon to hamburger.

Then go ahead and put a few slices of cheese on their while it’s steaming and you can save some coin each morning from having to buy the real thing. Note that it also can make up to 8 hard or soft boiled eggs with the included egg basket. Oh and if you need some fruit or vegetables in your breakfast, you can heat something like tomatoes or pineapples in the meat tray to accompany your toast or tasty breakfast sandwich.

The Positives
4-slice toaster makes egg-and-muffin sandwiches in about 4 minutes. Toasts while steam-poaching eggs and warming pre-cooked meat. Egg/toast, toast, and egg functions; hard- or soft-boil up to 8 eggs. Dual control panel, bagel and defrost settings, shade control and cord storage. In four minutes this multi-function toaster makes a delicious egg and muffin sandwich.

The Negatives
One reviewer complained that the unit would sometimes overcook his toast. It takes up a bit of counter space, understand it’s bigger than a normal toaster.

So What’s The Scoop?
This little egg and muffin toaster can make some tasty breakfasts. The options are nearly endless so have some fun with new breakfast combos!

Back To Basics TEM4500 4 Slot Egg And Muffin Toaster.

Back To Basics Toaster And Egg Poacher.

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