Thermarest Sleeping Pads Allow You To Rough It Comfortably

Hiking that looming mountain is a lot easier with a good night’s sleep. There is a vast array of sleeping pads on the market, but most of them fall short of ideal. Air mattresses sink in the middle and require a pump, traditional foam pads absorb every drop of condensation in your tent, and closed-cell foam pads are just not that comfortable. Your aching back has hope however: Therm-a-Rest sleeping pads are self-inflating, thin air mattresses that place a soft cushion of air between you and the rocks/roots under your tent floor. For example, this Therm-a-Rest Trail Lite Pad is 1.5 inches thick when inflated. Easy enough for packing into your backpack.

Its urethane foam keeps this pad lightweight (only 2 lbs for the regular size), and its 150 denier polyester construction makes it rugged and water resistant. No pump is needed for these pads; just open the valve and let it fill with air! The trade-off with these pads is that they can fill more slowly with age (but storing them unrolled helps), and sleeping bags can slip off of them easily if you are tenting on any kind of slope.

The Positives
Lightweight, comfortable camping mattress ideal for the trail. 150-denier polyester material stands the test of time. Measures 1.5 inches thick and rolls up compactly. Ideal for light backpackers, car campers, and travelers. Urethane foam fill and comes in regular and large sizes.

The Negatives
A reviewer commented that it was slippery and his sleeping bag slipped off. Lightweight, so not very thick and sleep comfort is lessened.

So What’s The Scoop?
All and all, Thermarest sleeping pads are the best portable pads you’ll find without sacrificing comfort.

Thermarest Trail Lite Sleeping Pad.

Lightweight Sleeping Pads.

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